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Growing up, I loved to draw; most kids do. I entered coloring contests, drew on walls, spilled the paint and took art classes. I grew to love art. As a studio art student and Commercial Artist Award recipient in high school, my path was becoming clear. I decided to hone my skills at MassArt in Boston.


I was quickly consumed by the art world and educated in an environment soaked with culture. After completing the foundation program at MassArt, I chose to study graphic design because I wanted to apply my creativity in a professional environment.

Upon completion of my degree and equipped with a portfolio and the knowledge I needed to begin my career, I started the journey. My first professional experience was in print. Not just designing for print, but working in the print industry. I learned how to prepare files for press and saw a zillion fine examples of design pass my workstation on their way to being born as physical specimens. I always loved the smell of fresh printing.

As my foundation of experience settled, I found myself eager to learn more about the various applications of graphic design. I was soon offered the chance to work at a Massachusetts telecommunications company and spent the next 8 years working to develop a brand, various products and related marketing and advertising efforts. I also provided on-site marketing and sales support for the traveling sales team.

Presently, I am a freelance graphic designer assisting start-ups as well as established companies to develop their graphic presence. Occasionally, I still spill the paint.

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